Baby Shower
Baby Shower

Navy & Lavender custom favor orders are designed with the utmost of detail and personalization, making each parting gift both meaningful and memorable. Using the event locale, party size, and budget, we work with each customer to create unique send-off gifts tailored to their special occasion.

Please email or call 646.329.6489 to place a favor order.

Favor #1: The Nest
Make room for these beautiful bird's nests filled with egg shaped candies or soaps, or gift lovely note cards reminiscent of new beginnings.

Favor #2: Five Minutes'

Remind guests to stop and unwind with these pretty note pads, bookmark and pens.

Favor #3: Bath Time
Soothing personalized bath salts, ducky bath beads in a heart dish, and charming wrapped soaps make for a relaxing afternoon.

Favor #4: Tea for Two
Guests will appreciate these sweet favors including an oversized mug, premium honey, organic tea and sweet beeswax soaps.

Favor #5: Bun in the Oven
Adorable decorated cookies of a carriage, rattle, and rubber ducky are fun and edible favors.

Favor #6: Baby Food
Treats are always appreciated and these sweet send-offs of jelly beans, M&M's, and cute cookies will do the trick.